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A new home ramp for a Colorado teen

A new home ramp for a Colorado teen

Imagine lifting your 13-year-old child multiple times every day. Each time you need to get him to and from the house and to and from the car.

Imagine being a teenager who wants to be independent and mobile, but is instead dependent and – at times – immobile.

That was the reality for a Denver youth named Devaughn and his family. Devaughn has cerebral palsy and, until last week, his home didn’t have a wheelchair ramp.

Colorado home without wheelchair ramp

On an unseasonably sunny day in Colorado, the Bachus & Schanker Cares Foundation, in partnership with Home Builders Foundation, helped build Devaughn a ramp so that he can get into and out of his home unassisted.

building a new home wheelchair ramp for Denver teenager with cerebral palsy

The Bachus & Schanker Cares Foundation is a proud, long-standing sponsor of Home Builders Foundation. When Home Builders Foundation reached out for our help to build Devaughn the ramp, 6 of our employees were thrilled to step up and help bring heartwarming, joyous, and BIG smiles to the faces of Devaughn and his parents.

Bachus & Schanker builds ramp for Colorado teen

In addition to the ramp Home Builders Foundation helped build for Devaughn, they build a plethora of ramps throughout the city every summer with their “Blitz Builds”. Home Builders Foundation chooses the recipients of the ramps, coordinates the purchase and/or donation of the requisite supplies, and reaches out to their partners in the community to coordinate the volunteer manpower.

Here are some photos from Devaughn’s ramp build – Check out the smiles all around!!

Colorado teen gets wheelchair ramp at home

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